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Gas Generator
It is composed of engine, alternator and frame. Electric power is generated over the alternator attached to engine.

Emergency Cooling Radiator
It is used for cooling the gas engine. If the generated heat energy isn’t used for operation or lesser part of it is used and returned to gas engine, it is bypassed before reaching the gas engine and cooled in radiators and when it is at the levels admissible by the gas engine, the hot water is directed to the engine.
It is possible to cool HT (Jacket Water) and LT (After Cooler) circuits in the same dry cooling unit.

Jacket Water Exchanger
         Two separate fluid circuits that can circulate without intermingling but transfer heat to one another are available in exchanger. Using plate exchangers, the heat energy is generated from the engine body.
Plate Exchanger
Exhaust Exchanger:
The heat transfer surface of tubular heat exchangers are composed of tubes.
With these exchangers, the energy of waste heat in the exhaust gas of engines powered by the fuels such as natural gas, LPG, diesel and biogas is taken to the water in the secondary circuit and hot water is generated.
Exhaust Exchanger
Gas Port Equipment
This equipment allows for making the gas used as fuel suitable for the inlet values of engine and for passing it to engine. It consists of several different equipment.
1. Main shutoff valve
2. Ball valve
3. Filter
4. Manometer _ Rp ½_0-1 bar
5. Test Connection_ Rp ½
6. Gas Pressure Regulator
7. Manometer _ Rp ½_0-160 mbar
8. Minimum Gas Pressure Pressurestat
9. Double Selenoid Valve
10. Maximum Gas Pressure Pressurestat
11. Compensator

Absorption Chiller
This component is operated by the waste heat obtained from the system and it provides cooling energy. There are the models of absorption chillers that can be operated by hot water and exhaust gas.

Absorption Chiller
Water-Cooling Tower
This equipment is used for cooling the absorption chillers contained in trigeneration system.

Cooling Tower
All controls of the synchronisation system are performed on this panel. It has generator control system, engine speed control, gas line and lambda control and also synchronisation system, knocking and vibration controls.

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