Hybrid Generator

More Energy and Lower Costs with Hybrid Power!

Teksan hybrid generator sets, which can be configured on demand over a wide power range, help reduce high operating costs by providing optimal energy solutions using the power they draw from nature.


  Model Voltage Load Engine Detailed Info
TJ3000HD-DE TJ3000HD-DE 48 VAC 3 kW Deutz
TJ3000HD-PE TJ3000HD-PE 48 VAC 3 kW Perkins
TJ6000HD-DE TJ6000HD-DE 48 VAC 6 kW Deutz
TJ6000HD-PE TJ6000HD-PE 48 VAC 6 kW Perkins
TJ10000HD-PE TJ10000HD-PE 48 VAC 10 kW Perkins

Features of Teksan Hybrid Generator Sets

  • 100% renewable energy source-based system
  • Compact design
  • 80% less running time needed
  • Ultra efficient battery system with a long shelf life
  • Low carbon footprint & eco-friendly
  • Fast-charging batteries
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Mobilization compatible structure
  • All-encompassing anti-theft warranty


Advantages of Teksan Hybrid Generator Sets

Less Maintenance

Our products continue to work up to 1000 hours without the need for maintenance and technical service.

Remote monitoring

Enjoy the convenience of monitoring your generator from anywhere with remote monitoring and control systems.

Affordable investment

Investment payback period down to 2 years-worth back in your pocket and fast!

Fuel economy

Our hybrid generator sets use renewable energy only, keeping running time down by 80% and consuming 65% less fuel compared to other brands.

Tailormade solutions

With its technical infrastructure and extensive experience, Teksan offers the most efficient hybrid generator solutions with the highest quality.

Super Silent Canopy

Perfect sound isolation with 65dBA@1 new generation Teksan super silent canopies prepared with Teksan's original and innovative perspective.

Uninterrupted power that you can trust!

With an output of 6000W, the hybrid generator set offers 100% support for critical projects that require an uninterruptible power supply thanks to its efficiency and reliability. For more information, see the Hybrid Generator Sets brochure!

Leave your power to nature

Teksan hybrid generator sets consume 65% less fuel compared to other brands. How? They convert renewable energy sources into power!

Frequently Asked Questions

Operating just like other generators, what sets hybrid generators apart is their ability to utilize renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy, producing energy in a nature-friendly fashion. Hybrid generators prioritize sustainability in backup energy production and protect the environment while offering high efficiency. Hybrid generators, which reduce fuel consumption by 65%, reduce heat, carbon and noise emissions as well.

You can apply filters to our products to examine nature-friendly hybrid generator sets utilizing renewable energy sources to produce electricity such as solar and wind, and contact us to get a quote.

The working principle of hybrid generator systems, which are capable of utilizing renewable energy sources as well, is similar to other generators. Here, the optimum level is first determined in the hybrid generator set, which is based on the DC supply voltage of the system. Therefore, the system is not triggered only when the electricity is limited; on the contrary, the system is always suitable for feeding the load.

Solar energy can only be collected during the daytime in solar-powered generator sets. This means that solar-powered generator sets can produce energy only during daytime. In order to produce energy even in the absence of daylight, storage batteries are used. This also applies to wind energy. Storage batteries help with the energy load when there is no wind. Thus, energy needs are always completely met. To install this system in your business, you can contact us for detailed information and get a quote for hybrid generators.

Hybrid generators are actively used in various fields today as they offer efficient and affordable energy production, especially in areas that are far from a grid. They are especially favored in construction sites, telecommunications sector, agricultural projects, events, disaster response efforts, etc. With hybrid generators, the required electricity is produced in an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way.

Practical and affordable, these generators are designed and produced in different models according to their usage area, purpose, and energy needs. Contact us to find the most suitable hybrid generator system for your budget.

Prices of Teksan hybrid generators vary from product to product as we offer tailor-made solutions in line with our customers' energy needs. You can apply filters to our products on this page to examine our hybrid generator sets and contact us to get a quote.

The first Hybrid Power System developed in Turkey with TUBITAK's support in terms of renewable energy and energy efficiency, our hybrid generators are constantly improved by our expert R&D team.

Hybrid Generators are generator systems that can utilize renewable energy sources as well as other generator sets. Thanks to these generators, energy resources are used much more economically, and therefore, in a nature-friendly manner.

In hybrid generator models, the system is based on DC supply voltage. These systems, which can utilize renewable energy sources, particularly use solar and wind energy. Moreover, these generators do not start operation only when needed. They function in a way that is suitable for continuous feeding and load.

Hybrid generators, which can produce power from multiple energy resources, are suitable for use in all seasons and an ideal option for continuous use, not just during power outages. Systems utilizing renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy attract considerable attention.

Hybrid generator prices vary depending on the technical features of the system. The price range for hybrid generators is wide and prices differ by usage area and purpose.