Occupational Safety&Health Policy

Teksan regards the human beings as principle assets in all its activities. Minimizing the the possible risks by establishing a healthy and secure working environment becomes its ultimate objective. The following headlines are decided by virtue of this policy;

  • To follow all the law and regulations with respect to Occupational Health and Safety, to act in accordance with international standards.
  • To keep all the risks related to Occupational Health and Safety under control systematically, to get better and better about Occupational Health and Safety matters with a constant development principle.
  • To evaluate the new products, facilities and processes in terms of Occupational Health and Safety during project designing.
  • To develop methods to minimise material and nonmaterial loss during any accidents or emergency situations while working.
  • To train the employees about Occupational Health and Safety for being successful and developing constantly.
  • To provide the necessary equipment in terms of Occupational Health and Safety.