Lighting Towers

The brightest solution for projects

Teksan Lighting Towers, which are produced at special sound levels with diesel, hybrid, and solar operating principles, are used as a light source in open areas and in infrastructure and superstructure projects where the place of use is frequently relocated.


Model Phase Hz Voltage Engine
Standby (ESP) Prime (PRP)
kVA kW kVA kW
Solar Lighting Tower Solar Lighting Tower              
TJ5MS5M-LM-1 TJ5MS5M-LM-1 3 50 5 4 4 3 230 MITSUBISHI

Features of Lighting Towers

  • Practical, efficient and economical
  • Compact design
  • Environmentally friendly with solar and hybrid model options
  • Auxiliary power socket inputs
  • Compatible with renewable energy
  • Quiet operation


Advantages of Lighting Towers

Low Fuel Cost

Solar models that are powered by renewable energy have zero fuel consumption, while hybrid model options offer fuel savings of up to 60%.

Low Maintenance Cost

Teksan solar lighting towers have no maintenance cost. Hybrid and diesel models, on the other hand, reduce maintenance costs with long maintenance intervals.

0 Emission Level

Teksan solar lighting towers have 0 emission thanks to the power they get from renewable energy.

Ease of Maintenance

With its compact design, the maintenance of the lighting towers is easy, and repair, service and maintenance of the electrical components is practical.

Your Reliable Energy Source

With solar, hybrid, and diesel lighting towers, your work sites will be bright as day even at night. For detailed information about Teksan lighting towers, please see the brochure!

Brilliant Solutions for Your Projects

Cost-saving solutions for your projects that require mobility.