Quality Policy

Teksan has adopted to take place among the most reliable and preferable companies in the sector, and arranged the management and quality policy in this sense.

As a requirement of this policy, the following headlines are determined;

  • To supply electric power for the customer needs in order to maintain their comfort and services with confidence,
  • To provide thoroughly technical support, presales and after sales documentation in a timely manner in order to give continuous and trouble-free services with the products,
  • To design the products which go to the extra mile for customer's increasing expectations by monitoring the global technologies and standards,
  • To offer the products with reasonable prices and utmost quality abiding by the regulations in a timely manner,
  • To guarantee the employees' health, safety, present and future circumstances, to perform activities and trainings continuously so as to increase employee loyalty, satisfaction and personal development and to retain the team sprit authorized by sharing information and responsibility under the policy of transparent Management,
  • To develop close and continuous cooperation with the suppliers in order to ensure their improvement, follow up the results, to be sure for a strong service chain,
  • The management board as the primarily than the employees are responsible from executing Teksan Quality Policy as well as improving the efficiency of the quality system,
  • The most important factor to implement the principles, sustain and develop the system is the employees providing their contribution and support as a result of embracing 'Teksan Quality Policy'.