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Teksan, whose foundations were laid by the late Abdulkadir Teksan and Özdemir Ata, was founded in Tuzla, Istanbul in 1994. Today's partnership structure was formed upon the participation of Özcan Başeğmezler, among Teksan's partners in 1998. Today, the first generation and the second generation work jointly in Teksan which is managed by three joint families.

Teksan, which is an engineering and technology company that produces uninterrupted energy solutions, continues its journey that it started by making diesel generators, with natural gas and biogas generator sets, cogeneration and trigeneration systems that provide 90 percent energy efficiency, mobile lighting towers, hybrid power systems, biogas solutions, and microgrid systems. It also presents ideal solutions for corporate rentals, with its rental-mobile generator product family. It has an annual production capacity of 15 thousand generators in its plants located in Kocaeli and Istanbul, which have an indoor area of approximately 70 thousand square meters.

It provides services in more than 130 countries on six continents as an engineering and technology company having developed reliable and innovative products and produced uninterrupted energy solutions for a sustainable life since 1994. It aims to spread its reliable power to the entire world through nearly 10 regional directorates and over 20 dealers in Turkey, along with the UK and the US offices abroad and dealers in cooperation in different countries.

It is in the position of a solution partner of many national and international colossal projects with project-specific products developed through a tailor-made production approach that prioritizes the needs of customers. It is preferred in many projects like worldwide construction, telecommunications, data centers, hotels, shopping centers, luxury housing projects, supermarket chains, sports facilities, mines, hospitals, research centers, and industrial facilities, with uninterrupted power solutions that work seamlessly in the face of challenging terrain conditions, variable weather conditions, and even destructive natural incidents like earthquakes.

Alongside the products whose quality and performance have been proven and certified by international organizations, it also stands out with its 24/7 after-sales technical support and maintenance services. Teksan's experienced after-sales team provides service to more than 50 thousand spots annually.

Teksan that has adopted the philosophy of continuous development and innovation produces solutions to meet today's needs and also makes significant investments in the technologies of the future with its strong R&D structure. With this approach, it was included in the ISO 500 Largest Industrial Organizations list as one of the largest companies in the economy of Turkey and is among the companies that realize the most exportation in Turkey.

Developing high value-added uninterruptible power solutions as a leading engineering company when it comes to quality and innovation, Teksan continues to be your trustworthy solution partner whenever and wherever uninterrupted power is needed.



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About Us