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Anadolu Glass Factory, Turkey

2 X 2250 kVA - Synchronized Diesel GenSet

Possible interruptions during risky glass production can cause the furnaces to cool down and the cessation of production, but more importantly the glasses that remain inside can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of furnaces to become
unusable. The operation of furnaces should never stop in such a critical production process.
On the other hand, this measure that can only be taken with uninterrupted power supply brings along significant cost burdens as well. The basic need of the customer is the products that can be used as an uninterrupted power supply in a cost-effective manner thanks to their efficiency.
Products that provide significant savings to the business with their high efficiency provide maximum protection from the power failure of the plant by being designed to be synchronized with themselves and with the network. Along with a
special panel production, a significant contribution has also been made to the business under TEKSAN