Encuesta de Satisfacción del Cliente

Encuesta de Satisfacción del Cliente





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Customer Satisfaction Policy

Teksan Generator aims to increase customer satisfaction continuously with its products and services. In this scope, it applies researches to be conducted for monitoring, evaluating and developing the customer satisfaction. In addition, it implements systematic activities regarding receiving, assessing customers’ feedbacks and taking necessary measures.

Teksan Generator has determined following headings as Customer Satisfaction Policy regarding this aspect.

  • Adoption by all our employees that customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in all activities carried out by our company is the most important objective.
  • Identification and application of appropriate methods for determining customer satisfaction. Doing researches in order to increase the satisfaction level determined.
  • By creating the most appropriate communication channels to receive our customers’ feedback; enabling customers to transmit their feedbacks accurately, completely, explicably and easily. As communication channels, determining the number and web site 444 8 576, info@teksan.com as Teksan web site contact page.
  • Systematic implementation of activities of receiving, evaluating customer feedback, and informing our customers about consequences.
  • Following effective law and directives in our processes related to the customer satisfaction.
  • Reviewing customer feedbacks quickly, objectively, fairly, unbiasedly, carefully, freely and based on confidentiality principle; and bringing solutions to them.